Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Disappearing Before My Own Eyes...(-30 lbs)

Searching for my way back to "Self"

So, after 2 weeks of NOT eating....Not even ice-chips would stay down, I got upgraded to an "All liquid Diet".  My first meal included a small cup of icechips with lemonade, chamomile tea, and some cherry Jello....Wait for it...I think it is going to stay down!  Hallelujah!  

Gamma Knife and Brain Radiation Tom.  It's all kind of surreal... this time everything about treatment knocked me to the floor and I can honestly say, "I was/am scared".  I still can't believe I'm having brain radiation, but we do what we do and we just keep swimming.  I believe....I do, surreal is more than an understatement.  Thank GOD for friends and family for without you, I would be lost.  

Feel a bit lost in this BIG WORLD lately...Fighting desperately to uncover the "Jen" I know is in there.  Let's Do this!

A Family's LOVE...an Unbreakable Bond...a Forever Connection! Silly is ALWAYS a HOME RUN!


  1. Beautiful and happy pictures!

  2. If love and beauty could beat cancer, you'd not need to bother with any treatment.You look radiant.Hope you do well with the next step.Glad you can get something into your poor stomach.

  3. I have said prayers for you ever since your college roommate Michelle Poindexter Baeza shared your story with me. I am so on your team.

  4. Wonderful photos and you are not only lovely in soul and spirit, but beautiful too. Still standing beside you clear from Indiana...and sending you healing and strength. Trudy Neill

  5. Oh, Jenn! Your pictures are just too precious!

  6. You have one BEAUTIFUL family!!! I know you feel lost some times, of course! But all I see when I look at these photos is JEN! Same old Jen. Silly, observant, fun, thoughtful, focused, AMAZING JEN! Love you!