Monday, September 19, 2011

Extracted from a Coping with Cancer Magazine. It spoke to me, I liked it!

More updates to come on my Dr. Appt. Soon...I will be starting the BRAF treatment :-)

The Circle
by Jan M. Bianchi

There is direction in uncertainty.
There is resilience within.
Arising like the sun
Shimmering like the stars,
Spirit exceeds everything.
Time and place have no relevance.
Crossing into the unknown
With no guarantees,
Surrounded by doubt,
Shadowed by darkness,
Directed to the Light.
Called upon the path,
The heart will come to recognize
Its name and place for the first time.
Trusting in spirit
Intuition at hand
The circle will close
The place shall be known.
Soon it will be discovered
That a bridge was created
In the passage of the journey,
As each step was taken
And each question answered.

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