Friday, September 23, 2011

Please Help Me Pray for Catherine Sellers Smith

Please send prayers and positivity that her melanoma begins to reverse itself with her BRAF pills. My heart aches to all suffering with illness. We need to believe in the power of positivity and prayer and I'm trying to get more people praying for her just as you are for me. Let's together, KILL this MONSTER!

She is now at MDA struggling to find pain relief and melanoma has now metastasized into her brain and is beginning to crush bones in her body. Please BRAF can you reverse this pain this young mother is experiencing. This is her 1st dose this week. She is just shy of her 28th birthday, her family is her everything like mine and she wants more than anything to be there for her children to many many years to come. I asked her family if I can do this. Putting a face to melanoma, creating awareness and sending prayers is a step in the right direction. We need a cure!

Catherine at MDA with her beautiful daughter Trinity

Catherine is a fighter and the face of pure endurance. She has tried chemo and has undergone several rounds.

Send Prayers... this is before treatment.

Catherine is a beautiful wife and mother of 3, stepmother to 2 and is married to Ron Smith. I met these two strong souls at MD Anderson in May while she was undergoing the surgery I had in '06 and I was getting tumors removed from my re-occurrence. Our stories connected and we share in this battle of Melanoma. This is Catherine before I met her with her oldest Daughter Gracie. Melanoma is ravenous in her body right now and I'm asking for your help in saying a prayer for her while she battles this beast along side of me. Thank you. It's tough to see those you care about struggle.

Love you sweet Catherine, let's bring this beast full circle and get back to when melanoma was not even in your vocabulary.  Please send positivity and prayers for this family.  Let's put a REALITY to this disease and fight for a cure.  WE BOTH NEED IT <3.  I pray the BRAF begins to work and heal her body and she is able to go back home to where her children are in Dallas.  She misses them terribly.  Hugs...

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