Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I get it! "It Really is a GREAT Time for Melanoma" I can't imagine having this diagnosis in 2006 with Interferon as my only treatment option...I "get it"~

Happy to be typing today:

    You have no idea folks...no idea! Happy, independent, and moving! I will do anything to stay on this drug and can understand now why everyone at MDA said to me, "It's a great time for Melanoma"  I can now add to my list of things done is experience the pain of Melanoma which I hope non of you ever experience in a lifetime.   I can see how fast Melanoma can destroy a body and thankful this diagnosis didn't come to me in 2006 where interferon was my only option.  Dose went up again today, you will just have to take me itchy, achie joints, and spotted. Never again do I want to experience that pain. I even took Z to school. Everyone is happy, now off to have fun with my Sister. She saw the lowest low and now a high. Great way to end her trip.
     Truth be told, I was genuinely scared this past week and this ride took me to a really dark place of scary "what if" thoughts which is why such "elation" today. This drug is def.  not without trade-offs but I'll taking managing something "chronic" over the latter any day. I'm in shock. Our family is in need of MOM back and today she is :-) Please bare with the roller coaster this is, but thanks for coming and making me feel like I'm not riding this alone :)  Now it's up to me, to dance with the side effects monkey with dosing and the cremes and other drugs to keep the joint aches in check along with the rash...


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