Wednesday, November 16, 2011

MOMENTS...My precious MOMENT that I will cherrish forever...I love you Zachary DEAN...

Moments, Moments...I LOVE MOMENTS!

Zachary: "Mommy, when do I get someone to sleep with?"
Mommy: "what do you mean?"
Z: "like you get Daddy, when do I get someone"
Me: "when you find someone to love forever and get married"
Z: "Mommy, I love you forever will you marry me and sleep with me tonight?"

Omg, the sweetest most heartfelt moment. I know too well life is so so fragile. Love completely and enjoy moments. Definitely got mine tonight. I love you Zachary Dean. I'm so thankful for the moment, as moments in time are our everything. ♥. LoVe.

Hard to deny those curly locks and big blues sometimes ;-p. of course we had a snuggle or a trillion. He's a keeper. Sometimes I get down regarding the finality and true reality of not being able to carry another child or the thought of not providing Z a sibling, but then he blows me away and I have to remember that he's not even supposed to be here either. He's my miracle in and of himself. Continuously learning to be present and grateful in the moment and the now. Especially within this journey I'm on. It all can go away so quickly. Again, moments...I love moments ♥.

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