Saturday, May 5, 2012

Best News I could have received at this point...

...but not out of the woods just yet.  One day at a time and moving in the right direction feels great!

Here's the scoop! They are calling me a TIL RESPONDER. Not out of the woods, but moving in the right direction!

I'd say...A GREAT DAY ♥~

My brain: ALL CLEAR! Whoo hoo (spare the jokes please...ha ha, I know, I know)

Liver: they think all that is left are cysts but watching them. :-)

Lungs, lymph node outside my heart, abdomen, small bowel and everywhere else have either SHRUNK or remain stable. :-)

A GREAT REPORT to have so early on....

Want me to put my chordotomy on hold for now. go to physical therapy and get a cane/walker to help walk on my hip. Should only be putting about 10% of weight on that hip.

Afraid if they take away the pain, I could get a false sense of what my hip is capable of and fracture it. Hopeful it will shrink too based on current results.

Bones need more time to heal so we'll wait and see.
NO more treatments at this time, my body needs time to recover from such a hard treatment. Plus it's working, so wait and see is a great option.

NO procedure on Monday. Yeah! I have a MRI of spine on tues and then scan again in June.

God Bless, God is good. My biggest need for prayer is my hip pain.

Let's do this! Melanoma WILL NOT DEFINE my soul. I WILL see a cure!



  1. You are my hero!!! NEVER NEVER NEVER giving up. Always moving forward with small or big steps. You will beat this. So glad to hear the good news Friend!