Thursday, May 10, 2012

I feel emotionally complicated:-/

You know, most days I do ok and I'm able to focus my brain on one day at a time. Every now and then, I get ahead of myself. It's exhausting trying to keep up with the desires of my brain when my body can't. I just hate it, let's be real. I know all that stuff be patient, my body has been thru a lot but the honest truth is something has been going on with me full speed ahead for a year and a half and I'm tired. I'm not giving up, but at some point as much as I try to believe this is temporary, it sure feels like it's permanent. That's when I get down and the cycle begins. I was sad today. I'll get it together. I HATE CANCER! I HATE THE CONFUSION IT BRINGS TO A this point I know if it doesn't kill you, it sure does make you stronger. I'm STRONG ALREADY! I'm READY FOR A BREAK.

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  1. I hate cancer too! You deserve a break - and you deserve to feel this way every now and then - don't let it get you down!