Monday, December 5, 2011

Brief Update from Dr. Appt:

Update:  I know a lot of people are praying and pulling for me so here's a brief update from my dr appt. It's not always easy to get info out as my days are exhausting, but also don't want u to keep worrying and waiting. Please forward to anyone asking as I can't get to everyone. Love u.

In a better place having gone to dr.  Still no answers on my face and I have another something on my ear but antibiotics are working as well as the creme.  Seeing derm on wed. Leg seems ok and from not moving all week prob was lymph fluid that built up that couldn't move around my scar tissue. Abridged version is it's very dangerous for my body to get sick. Immune system doesn't know what to do which is what I figured. When it's down it gives the melanoma a house to grow and it grows fast. Now feeling better, my hip pain is better. I'm a walking volcano death trap. I'm much better and went to swim lessons.    More to the story obviously but hard to be concise.  Good news is leg looks ok. We now have to figure out my skin because it keeps popping up in new spots. I'm eager for my full workup in scans the week of the 20th. Have to get this bleep out. I'm a walking time bomb volcano. I'm ready to crash. Fun stuff, I know. Love ya!


  1. Hi Jen, my name is Becca and I have Melanoma too. I ran across your journal from a comment you left on Chelsea's journal (Adventures with my enemy Melanoma). I'm always interested in hearing of others with this horrible disease, both so that I can be informed and so that I can give my support to a fellow sufferer. I was diagnosed in March of this year and after 4 surgeries, am currently holding at Stage 3b, NED.

    I was wondering, I think you're doing chemo right now along with having young kids which means you're either asleep or running around, but if you find a little bit of time someday, do you think you could write up a post about how your journey all began? Where your initial site was, how long you were stage 3 before advancing, what surgeries and treatments you've had done?

    On a weird side note, I was also an Alpha Chi Omega way back in '82, but only for a year, but it was a fun time.

    My blog is "It's Just Melanoma". Hope to hear from you whenever you feel up to it, and you'll be in my prayers. Stay strong!

  2. Hey there, I talk about my original stage 3 bout with this disease in the below post:

    Saturday, August 13, 2011

    Why I am lucky...The Gifts I see!

    I have had wide local incision, my original site was on my right thigh, sentinal lymph node biopsy, complete lymphdectomy in right leg, wear a compression stocking and in 2006 I did Interferon. You can read about it in that post.

    I was clear and almost at my 5th year anniversary of clear scans and no melanoma. June would have been 5 years and I noticed my new melanoma in April of this year. I was pregnant at the time. It's been a lot since then, I lost the baby and have had two surgeries since then. One of them my tumors are growing for a treatment call TIL Harvesting which is the T-cell treatment and I'm currently on BRAF also known as Zelboraf or Vemurafenib....I'm now stage 4 and determined to not be a statistic and arrive at the point of No Evidience of Disease Again. Good luck on your journey. Feel free to ask me more if you have more questions after reading that post. I'll be thinking of you...