Monday, December 5, 2011

Pictures from the Symphony! What a Wonderful Time :-)

 Holden and Zachary Loving the Children's Choir
 The Choir
 Hard to believe from these pix that these boys spell trouble...grin
 Excited About Santa
 Giving Santa his List

 Those eyes CAN fool you...
 Holden Giving Santa his list
 Zachary, Holden, Leila
 1 smiling, 1 Wondering, and 1 missing...impossible to get a still picture
 At the Petting Zoo of Instruments :-)
 Learning how to hold and play the Violin for the 1st time...Brief, but fun!
 Loved it!
 It was great to experience this with him

 Good Times
 Leila, Holden, Mary Elizabeth, and Z

 Mom not looking so hot, but Z as cute as ever...Still glad I'm there!


Mommy and her Little Man!

A Wonderful Day, a Wonderful Moment...

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