Saturday, December 3, 2011

Zachary's 1st Symphony!

Copied from my Facebook...Too good to not share!

Pulling myself up from my boot straps and off to Zs 1st symphony we go. Moments, I refuse to miss moments. ♥

The symphony was wonderful...It was Christmas themed "Twas the Night Before Christmas", geared to kids and adults. Zachary LOVED it and I'm so glad I got to go. They had children's crafts before we came in, children's musical choirs perferming which Z and his buddy were completely loving. He got to sit on Santa's lap and he told Santa he wanted "the solar system, a trombone, a violin, drums, a cello, and with some thought goes..."Oh, and a flute" Santa is prepared to bring some music into our home. The best part was they had what they called "A Petting Zoo of Musical Instruments" All the children got to try over 25+ musical instruments. Zach LOVED the violin. It was his favorite and looked so cute trying to learn to play a real one. He took it very seriously which to most of you isn't a surprise. The conductor was dressed as an ornament, and they did a narrative of Twas the night before Christmas. They had 49 children from a Magnet Elementary School in Houston ages ranging from 6 to about 10 performing (so beautifully I might add) on the violin and cello and high school choirs. It was so wonderful to see kids involved in music and to have Z see that and then to witness the look in his eyes was really special.  The Audience Got to sing Christmas Carols at the end. It was a perfect activity to introduce Z to the still real format of a symphony in a very fun way. We loved it and want to go every year. SO Happy I got to go, talk about a wonderful moment I will always hold dear to my heart. Love you guys...

Right now, he's very excited about real instruments so it was fun to see his reaction so positive when he saw the kids performing and when he got to play them. Who knows, but all I know is the openness and willingness to explore at this age with an open heart and mind is such a thrill. Fun to see how his experiences form him into an adult. We all have had those life altering moments that shape us into who we are. Love to experience this world through his eyes. I just love being a mom. My best resume experience in the works :)

I had a great time.  The antibiotics have kicked in and now I just need rest so my body doesn't go haywire on the cancer.  Last night was an emotional night for me to say the least.  I don't have the facts yet so trying to stay distracted and present but I was really angry and emotional last night.  I was going to do everything in my power to be there today.  Z came home and pulled out his guitar with his new little violin and gave daddy a concert.  I'm going to look into some sort of children's exposure to musical instrument classes.   Grammy flies in later.  Jeff will be going to pick her up.  We will be enjoying a nice rainy downtime day of no plans tom. and I can't wait.  

Just trying to stay positive and focussed on healing.  Those emotions sneak in more often than I write, but writing for me helps me be my own cheerleader.  I also know it helps all of you all that are far be present with me too and that makes me happy.  I write when I feel inspired and glad it helps you too :-)  No rhyme or reason when I do, it's just something that when it hits I NEED to WRITE.  When it doesn't  I don't.

I did want to post this because even though I'm still incredibly anxious about once again not having a grasp on this monster, I did have a good day.  I can hear the music of the symphony taking all my cancer out of my body.

Good Night All.....  pix when I get a chance :-)

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