Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I'm Heading to ICU Tonight To Receive My TILS and IL-2 There in the Morning!

I feel good about the decision.  With all the unknowns, it will be the safest place for me.  Wish me luck.  Going in Head First!  Ready or not, here I come!

Ok, so met with Cardiology this morning along with Dr. Papa (melanoma) and his team. They ALL are rather perplexed as to what exactly happened and what caused my hear to go into affrib. being so young, healthy, and with great echo stress test and heart prior to this...YES, I am a real life episode of HOUSE, grin!

With all that taking into account, they want me to be in the BEST possible care going into TIL and I agree. They know TIL and the IL-2 component can send me into affrib. so they don't want to take any chances and also don't want to stress me or the nurses out on the reg. floor if that happens. It is for that reason that I am being transferred to ICU tonight.

I feel like they are making a good decision and I will feel safe there going into something VERY scary not knowing how my body will react, but ready to fight for as many doses that I can handle so I can KILL this monster for good.

Mom is on her way up...Jeff will get a slight break from me and some time with the BEAN when he gets home from school and a playdate with a buddy, and I will be travelling to the ICU. Wish me luck tom. It's a BIG day.

I'm naturally a bit scared, nervous, fired up, anxious, excited, optimistic, and ready to roll and put this behind me. TIL tom and week 1 of IL-2 your day is here....BRING IT! Prayers always welcome...you all have been AMAZING!

This man speaks to my heart and is my current heart...He has the hope that I BELIEVE IS ALIVE IN ME. He DID the treatment I am about to endure...I AM GOING TO DO THIS! I AM A SURVIVOR...I WILL WALK IN NC. TIL WILL WORK FOR ME. I love this man as for right now, in this moment...he represents the journey I am currently embarking on. I have the determination...I have the attitude! I see myself NED.....I see it, I feel it, I am it! It's me....watch out Melanoma, my TILS come tomorrow and hiccup after hiccup hasn't gotten me down, it's just given me more fuel to fight this fight!.  YOU have NO idea the type of drive I have when I look at my 3/12 year old son's eyes...The promise I make to my hubby when I believe we will go on many a family vacations this year. It's on my Vision board and DAMNIT Melanoma has no room anywhere. I"m receiving my chemo NOW as we speak! I BELIEVE!


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