Friday, February 24, 2012

10 Ways to Help a Friend with Cancer-Huffington Post

Very Helpful article and says many things I am unable to put into words....


  1. Jen thank you. My husband who is 46 just was IV melanoma. It is located in liver,bone, lungs,and brain. He just finished WBR and just started Zelboraf yesterday. We have 3 children twin boys 10 and a daughter 15. I also started a blog. Your blog gives me hope where there was darkness two weeks ago. Thank you.

  2. Awe...Where do you guys live? Are you on FB? You don't have to be alone...There is a caregiver site that I started and many amazing people I can introduce you to online that would be thrilled to support you through this monster. Hang in there. You can find me on Facebook at Jennifer Marie Christie. What is your name? There is HELP out there. It helps me to know you have found some comfort in my words....HOPE is all we HAVE...We have to BELIEVE...hang in there.