Thursday, February 23, 2012

In the world of MELANOMA-YOU HAVE to accept change....

Hit with a BOMBSHELL THIS MORNING....More later as I don't have all the details and I'm in shock, but I've been accepted for TIL...IF I don't take this spot who know how long one will come to me.  Time is not something I have and if I go on other treatments, I may be disqualified....Time for our world to go UPSIDE down once again....

Be careful what you wish for, or is this one of those serendipitous things?  MDA just called, UM  THERE IS A SPOT FOR ME FOR TIL.  HOLY SHIT!  TALK ABOUT THE MELANOMA WORLD AND IT'S EVER CHANGING WAYS....I'M NOT SURE I CAN BREATHE, BUT IF I SAY YES, I WILL BE ADMITTED ON MARCH 11TH?  PROCESSING!  Next week, I would go in for an echo stress test, pulmonary funcitoning, brain MRI etc.  It's all happening so fast....OH MELANOMA, I want a crystal ball. If I say yes to this, I wish I new I would be cured.  We have somewhat of a quality life over here, but the BEAST continues to grow...I need prayers, I need some clarity, but I am ready to do this.  If I say no, a spot might not be available for a long time.  We all know time isn't something we have with melanoma...again....HOLY SHIT...PROCESSING~

Next week tests....admitted March 11th for 2 weeks, then home, then back for another week....YIKES!

I haven't said yes yet, but it is a CHANCE TO KILL THIS MONSTER FOREVER.  I think I may have no choice.


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  1. Jen I am excited for you....I hope it kills this beast!!! You will for sure be in my thoughts and prayers. You got this!