Monday, July 30, 2012


Surgery:  All Prepped & Ready to Go!

Nurse just came in...They are taking me to surgery in an hour or less. IT'S GAME TIME! Let's do this~

Well, this was my status on my personal wall just minutes ago...In Typical any hospital fashion, nurse came back in and said to relax (after they had me in a frantic mood), they won't be coming until 8am.  

who knows when it will be, but it's best we put some thought and prayer on it NOW.  I'M STILL READY AND STILL WHENEVER THEY TAKE ME CAN'T WAIT TO NOT FEEL THAT TUMOR ANY MORE!  <3 TO YOU ALL!

It's just a head shaker because I WAS finally sound asleep. Now I'm wide awake, fully aware of how much pain I am in. Grrr. Just trying to take it in stride, but really as even kealed sps? As I am, IT'S MADDENING, right? Man I tell ya. BREATHE~


  1. Praying for you, Jen. Sending you love, warmth, strength, whatever you need. Love you, Jenny

  2. Here's hoping surgery went well.