Friday, July 27, 2012

My Heart On Film...


These pictures in the link below represent a "moment" in time where I may not have been feeling great but I did NOT let CANCER interfere with my ability to share beautiful and precious "MOMENTS" with my family that I will treasure forever.  Zachary had the vacation of a lifetime and what he will remember is his mom was there to share it with him...Priceless.  Thank you again dear friend Tracy Chadwick for capturing our family's heart without us knowing.  

So, my beautiful friend, Tracy Chadwick was able to meet us in Pacific City, OR and share the 4th of July, 2012 with us. It is so interesting how this universe works in a spiritual way and just has a way of somehow in hard times making everything just seem OK. Tracy and I met through Zachary and her daughter Grace.  Tracy and I shared part of one of the best times in my life...PLAYGROUP! Our playgroup consisted of 10 or more I lose track, inspiring, creative women that all became 1st time mom's within a month and a 1/2 of one another. Many of them, like Tracy, moved away from TX. It is so random and cool that we got to meet again while we had a family reunion (Jeff's side) not far from where they live. So fun. Grace and Zachary have known one another since 4 months old which means Tracy and I became friends about 4 years ago. Crazy how time flies...She is responsible for these beautiful "Moments" captured on film. Fun Times! Enjoy~

Please copy and paste this address into your browser and enjoy!  Love and health to you all...Cheers!


  1. Jen, thank you for sharing these incredible, special moments captured on film. Zachary looks like he was having a ball. You look strong and beautiful.

  2. Those are wonderful - thanks for sharing! So glad you had the chance to experience that happy time - and I love how everyone took a spin in your hair! ha ha - it looks like great memories were made that day!