Tuesday, January 24, 2012

COMEDY RELIEF...I LOVE Animals, I love my Mr. Jenkins & Sasha...

Sasha is my Pretty Princess Lap Kitty that pretty much knows mamma's moods and won't leave my side.  In fact she's so with it, that I believe that she knew I had Melanoma before I did...Mr. Jenkins on the other hand, gives us some great entertainment.  He also provides some 5am motor conoodling snuggles for mom every night...To say these guys are not my children...Well, they are as much part of this family as any of us...Thanks guys.  Hope you are enjoying your new toys, scratching posts and heated beds.  YOU put smiles on mom's (and us all) face ALL day long.

 I mean really...How can you not smile

After a long day at MDA, Mr.J felt the need to inspect all of mommy's new medicine. ;-)  BIG SMILES

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