Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Head, Neck, and Throat appt: "What the $#^@ is growing in my MOUTH!

     So, yesterday I got introduced to the Head, Neck, and Throat Dept. of MD Anderson.  I went to ease my mind that the sores in my throat are not Basal Cell Carcinomas or new melonomas that can be caused from the Zelboraf.  Let's face it, anytime anything new pops up on you you panic....Prob. in general, but you really panic knowing your diagnosis of stage 4 melanoma that is in you and trying to take over your body daily.

    I don't take chances and the "watch and wait" mentality doesn't work for me in my situation.  The Dr. said they didn't look like anything and I had the choice to "watch and wait" or cut it out to see.  I'm optimistic but at the very least bumps in your mouth are annoying.  I said...."TAKE THEM OUT!"  EMPHATICALLY.  My local derm. also didn't think my mole in 2006 was anything either...ok, stage 3C melanoma.  Take it out!

     She thinks they were warts like on my face.  AWESOME!  (Sarcasm)  I had a camera/scope tube thing inserted into my nose to take a look all the way down to my larynx through a camera....Crazy huh?  Anyawy, she numbed it, decided the thing on my tonsil she would leave because to take that one off would be really painful.  I also have an ulcer in my mouth that I am seeing a specialist for tom. before dermatology.  Below are the pix of my ulcer and the biopsy on my throat from yesterday and today:

The ULCER...So painful...Seeing someone tom. to see if they can provide relief.  

Yesterday's shot of the snip they cut off...It burns, couldn't talk yesterday...

What it looked like this morning...I think it's healing...Still burns but it is feeling a bit better.  All of it definitely uncomfortable.

Now, WE WAIT for the results....The Hardest part!

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