Monday, January 23, 2012

It's funny how the world is connected...I meet real life Angels EVERYDAY!

So, when I discovered I found out that I had stage 4 melanoma I was scared.  Understatement, right?  I had a choice...I could burry myself in my fears and literally hide, or I could talk.  Well we all know which route I have taken and let me tell you because of it I come across angels everyday.

In the very beginning of my journey with stage 4 I found myself walking around knowing something was trying to kill me but looking completely normal and fine.  I felt like I was hiding a tremendous secret and very early on I made the choice to not shackle my body but release the demons and talk about it.  I was in the dental chair and out came my story.

Low and behold, my dentist told me a story about this organization her cousin started and is the president of.  This organization is called:  Can Care

I picked up the phone, called, and also clicked on the link:  "Looking for Support"  The next day a lady called me with stories of hope and she told me based on my information I had submitted she felt like she had the perfect person/sponsor to link me up with.  This is how I met:

Hilde Stapleton

What a wonderful and inspiring lady that gave me hope upon our 1st conversation.  We emailed a couple of times and I was just happy I knew I had someone to call.  Time went on, treatments started and lives got busy, but I always knew I had her story to get me through.  Hilde has been through the ringer with Melanoma and that was back in 1999 when survival really wasn't even thought of as an option.  Guess what?  Hilde is still here.....Hilde "gets it" and I feel comfort with that.   I was blogging, but my friendships through blogging expanded.

I got invited to become a Melanoma Warrior.....BEST GROUP EVER!  and guess who was there.....YEP, HILDE WAS THERE.  What a small world.  Anyway, through that group and facebook we began corresponding more.

Just last week I get this email...

Hi I just painted an angel for you to wish you better. Hilde

Along with this beautiful Painting that she painted for me "just because"  An angel for sure!
Thank you HIlde....Just knowing you gives me strength....The painting is beautiful!  Lucky girl!

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