Saturday, August 13, 2011

Just passing time in the ER--having a nice little Saturday, grin

     I noticed some redness around the incision site on my breast and I know better than anyone not to mess around with infection.  I took a picture and immediately called the doctor on call.  They told us to come to the ER. I got a horrible infection in '06 that landed me in the hospital for 5-6 days.  I definitely don't want that to happen so came in just to be safe.    We have been here since about 2:45.  It is now nearly 6pm.  They started me on an IV, drew blood and now we are waiting on the results of my bloodwork which decides whether or not I go home with antibiotics or stay the night on IV antibiotics.  I hope I get to go home.  I miss my little man.  In the meantime just trying to relax while we wait.  They have free on demand movies, a super cool toilet that tucks in under the sink and just trying to rest up.  Time will tell.  love ya,  Jen


  1. You're amazing, Jen - not only because you are incredibly strong and full of faith (and such an inspiration because of those things), but because you always seem to know how to see the bigger picture and appreciate life. Ahh, I'm remembering the time I visited you in Dallas and we got dressed up and treated ourselves to a ridiculously expensive dinner (and plenty of wine) and then we went swimming in the pool at your apartment in the wee hours of the morning, laughing and probably waking up all of your neighbors. That's the kind of carefree, love-life, enjoy the little things mentality that you exhibit and it's so contagious! I love you, my friend. Your faith is powerful.

  2. Jenny...What a fun night that was indeed! Great memories. I love you friend and know you are always with me even when mileage makes it a challenge to be in the day to day. You mean the world to me! Jen

  3. I wish you the best. You sure sound like a strong gal, you deserve nothing but good things coming your way.