Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Miracle Work We are Beginning to See...It's happening...

     Here is the update from surgery yesterday as I lay here sitll in jammies wanting nothing more than to celebrate with you something positive.  So, I truly have been nothing but focussed to be positive, and trying to take things in stride (even when I had to go repeat my labs because they messed up).  I'm telling you, my body is feeling all this positivity and I can feel all the prayers so powerfully.  All my little angels were with me in the operating room. I know it.

     I'm completely focussed on moving forward and ridding and maybe willing the Cancer out of my body. We aren't sure what is happening, but I even had Dr. Ross perplexed as to what he was discovering from observing my body and the tumors they took out yesterday.  So, it appears to be that my body is attacking the tumors naturally which is mind boggling.  You don't see Dr. Ross show anything but logic and when he took the tumors out he couldn't believe his eyes.  They appeared to be dying and shrinking on their own. The one on my scar line is nearly gone and after surgery when Dr. Ross came in he said it's almost like my t-cells we were supposed to grow are already working.  Now obviously this is great news, but we don't know what is happening inside my organs.  hopefully the same thing.  The down side to the tumors being almost dead is there is a chance they won't grown in the lab.  This is def. something specific we can put our energy on and pray for.  The one on my liver was about the same size as the one on my breast 3 1/2 cm.  I  do more scans this week and oh my gosh can you believe it if they are indeed shrinking inside too. We have confirmed the outside ones are indeed and that is a miracle in and of itself.  Kristin Murphy, made me a meditation CD that I listen to daily and no joke I 100% believe the prayers and positivity I have going on around the world is part of the reason.  This meditation CD help me keep my razor sharp focus and keeps me in the zone of ridding this uninvited guest called melanoma.  I believe I will be cured. I really do!  Keep up the good work in the vibe dept. because I def. am getting them.  I'm a believer.

     I'm sore from surgery, but that is to be expected.  Do more bloodwork on Sunday as well as a repeat MRI.  Then on Monday we meet on the medical side and discuss treatment.  Most likely they will order a new CT scan before treatment begins and also pray that we find out about BRAF and that I am indeed BRAF+.  Like I said before there are other options if I am not, but will would be great if I was.

ok, one battle over and now on to the next.  One thing at time.

love you all,


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  1. Glad things went well! Let the fight continue - keep the gloves on!