Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Welcome to Jen's Blog

Dear family and friends, We all have one thing in common- we all love Jen and we all want to see her win this battle (ok, that's 2 things). I know she can do it. I know this because I know Jen. I met Jen in 1995 at UCSD. Jen and I became sorority sisters in Alpha Chi Omega. I will never forget her big smile and big personality as she came through rush week. She made me feel happy just being around her. I know Jen will win this battle because when Jen puts her mind to something, she doesn't quit until it is her way. In fact, if you tell Jen she can't do something, she wants it so much more. I remember when Jen moved into one of the rooms in our apartment. She had so many boxes and stuff- like nothing I have ever seen. I told her it would take her days to unpack. She looked at me with that Jen look and emphatically said she would be done by bedtime. And she was. Her room was put together with precision and detail - pictures hung and clothes put away perfectly. Jen is perfectly stubborn and determined in ways that are admirable.  I love you Jen. xoxo

Many people have expressed their desire to help. Casey Elford, a fellow Alpha Chi Omega sister, came up with the great idea to set-up a fundraiser for the Christie family.  The money will be used for a house cleaning service, meal delivery, and anything else Jeff and Jen need. Please use the "donate" button in the upper right. I will keep you updated on how we are doing.

I would also like to add a slideshow to the blog. If you have a favorite picture of you and Jen, please send to my email address-

Lastly, please check back often for new pictures and fundraising updates. As Jen feels up to it, she will be doing some blogging herself.

Prayers and positive thoughts, Heather Berg


  1. Thanks Heather for getting this blog up and running!

  2. What a great idea to start this blog and to collect donations!